TL;DR Ribbon

Ribbon is a fast growing web2.5 company working to rebuild professional social networks for the benefit of users. We’re backed by top tier investors and crypto operators from across the globe (to be announced soon). We’re hiring - join us!

Our mission: Empowering everyone to own their achievements

To achieve our mission we will need to build the world’s leading professional social network. This is an ambitious goal but one that we believe is necessary to create a future where the user is in control of their public-facing data.

We’re in this for the long term. If you are the type that doesn’t shy away from big challenges, join us to create the future together!

What is Ribbon?

Ribbon is where your achievements live - we believe that everyone should celebrate their achievements. We are rebuilding the world of professional social networks and employee recognition to be centred on one thing: ownership. We believe that everything you accomplish and achieve should be recognized and owned by you (not by a third party). When you move between organizations, your achievements and benefits should move with you.

What is Ribbon building?

We empower people to celebrate and own their achievements. This starts with building the platform and tools to allow any company, DAO, or individual to issue, share, and verify achievements. The building block of Ribbon is Ribbon NFTs. Each NFT represents an achievement or milestone. In order to bring the benefits of Ribbon to as many people as possible, we are focused on building user friendly ways to self-custody, issue, and interact with NFTs.

For many of our users, Ribbon will be their first ever NFT or access to the blockchain. Ribbon users shouldn’t have to focus on how NFTs work or the complexities of self-custody. Our aim is to bridge the user experience gap, by building the technology and UX to onboard the next billion users.

What problems does Ribbon solve?


Employees are not recognized for their work. Lack of recognition is the #1 reason to switch jobs. Ribbon makes it effortless to recognize employees